Moldova 2013

Hello friends!
For those who don’t know/remember I went on a village outreach for the first week, which was basically doing children’s programs (VBS style). We were in two different villages. The first village was very poor. The church we worked with was a small church that literally had 7 members. The roof was falling apart so that they had major water damage and the toilet was a hole in the ground. But these Christians worshipped God like they had all they needed–because they do! Jesus is enough for church. It’s not about membership numbers or the building. Church is the body of Christ. It was so humbling.

Another thing we did was bring food packages to poor families. One of the families we visited–there are no words to explain their poverty. The children were running around half naked and covered in dirt. The parents only have work in the summer so winter is extremely hard. I found out later that the average family in a village makes 1200 lei per month ($100 USD). That’s a little more than $3 per day. This family probably made less as they were extremely poor. I can’t even imagine. This is a child’s reality…

While in this village we had up to 50 children come to our program. I loved every minute of it. Our team was so united with God in the center.

Then we went to the next village and our translator changed. This was really hard. We were all used to & comfortable with translator “a” and now we had translator “b.” It was hard but I think it brought us to pray more, which is always good.

At this village people were better off materially. We had running water and toilets! The church we partnered with was larger. But it was still spiritually burdening. We met a physically disabled girl. Both her parents are alcoholics. They needed to remove the child from the household, but in reality, orphanages/foster care is not a good option either.

While there were many burdening things, there were encouraging things also. I met a lady from the first village (one of the 7 church members) who adopted two orphan girls. God is moving in Moldova.

After the village outreach I did through Operation Mobilization ( I had some relaxation time. I was able to spend about a week at a friend’s house. This was such a blessing as I was very physically exhausted. Also during this time I was able to meet with a few missionaries that I was hoping to partner with for Mission: Hope for Moldova. Although I don’t think this will work out it was good to share my heart with them and hear some of their wisdom.

After my week of relaxation I went to English for New Life 2013. This is a camp that teaches English using the Word of God. This is where I was last year. It was awesome to see familiar faces. I felt such at home here.

During that ten days we had 30 people accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Praise be to God! One of my students accepted Christ and that was so encouraging. How I pray these new children of God will get plugged into a local church, be discipled and grow into the Godly men and women they are meant to be.

One of the many things I learned was that God is working in His timing, not mine. For the first two weeks we worked with small children. When working with young children it is hard to see fruit since they may be too young to fully understand the Gospel. Sometimes the only thing we could do was to love them. A two or three year old may not understand the Gospel but they understand affection and God loves them! God used us to show these beautiful children the love of God.

Another big thing I learned is God is sovereign. While I know this is true I really learned this through experience. He is going to work in Moldova whether I am there or not. Thank God!

As I uploaded my photos this evening I was reminded why I went to Moldova, why I started Mission: Hope for Moldova and why I will return.

Thank you for reading, your prayers, and support.

In Christ,

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